Prime and composite numbers math quiz for kids

Prime and composite numbers math quiz for kids. This is an interactive online educational quiz which will enable students to review while at home. In this quiz students have to identify composite numbers and prime numbers. To do so, students first have to know what both concepts are referring to. A prime numbers has only two factors, one and itself. Anything else is a composite number. For example, 5 is a prime number because it has only two factors, 1 and 5. This quiz is a MCQ and students have to look at numbers and determine if they are one of both. The rules of divisibilty are usefull in this exercise and will guide the choice of classification. After taking this test, students can get more practice on prime and compisite numbers by printing out more worksheets on the topic under the worksheet section.

Identification of Prime numbers vs composite numbers

Unique method for identifying and differentiating between prime and composite numbers

Differentiating between prime and composite numbers should not be difficult. Our recognizing prime and composite numbers interactive quiz for kids proves this fact. It makes problems of prime and composite numbers so easy to solve, that children are amazed. The prime number definition for kids makes them understand what is a prime number. This eventually makes them understand the concept of prime factors. Our quiz clears the composite number definition for kids. Because of knowing prime and composite numbers well, any confusion will be eliminated and children will definitely feel relaxed. And of course, they will be amused thoroughly due to the quiz.