Conversion of Fractions to decimals video tutorial

Conversion of Fractions to decimals video tutorial. Learn math and teach using easy, targeted and focused videos is our objective on this website. In the current case, students will over 2 minutes of watching this video understand how to convert a fraction to a decimal value. It is worth noting that it is also possible to do the reverse conversion. The advantage of watching this video is the fact that it is short and meant to be easily understood. Our tutors are experienced and ready to facilitate the understanding of any math skill within a short time. After watching this video, students can do any of three things: print out a worksheet on fractions and review with similar problems, take a interactive quiz test online and get instant feedbackor play a fun game in this area.

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Learning Fraction to Decimal Conversion through Fun Video

Let your students watch our fractions to decimals conversion video tutorial for practice and they can become experts in the conversion. Because of the easy explanation and the colorful and interesting video, children learn without even knowing that they are learning. Instructions are in the form of voice as well as written tips. We also have a lot of converting fractions to decimals interactive games for kids and especially converting fractions to decimals worksheets for grade 4 students because of which students learn how to convert fractions to decimals and how to convert decimals to fractions in a fun way.