Add, subtract, Divide & Multiply worksheets Pdf

Add, subtract, Divide & Multiply worksheets Pdf. This is a resource page for students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. It features a collection of addition worksheets in which students learn to add from small to large numbers. This entails skills of adding and carrying across different places, adding and rounding up, addition word problems and more. There are also activities on subtraction of whole numbers entailing subtraction with and without carrying. There are also problems on division of whole numbers. It goes from basic to long division exercises. Furthermore, students will review activities on multiplication also involving the rules of multiplication of numbers. There are activities on multiplying by multiples of ten, multiply by 1, by 2 and more. Each worksheet is a downloadable pdf with an answer key on the second page. Start learn and get more practice from the worksheets section.

Adding and subtracting whole numbers with 3 digits or less


adding whole numbers, subtracting whole numbers worksheet

Adding whole numbers worksheet, subtracting whole numbers worksheet pdf downloadable. Whole numbers.

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Multiplying and dividing whole numbers of 3 digits or less


average or mean of a number set worksheet, statistics worksheet

Whole numbers with 3 digits or less multiplication and division worksheet printable, pdf.

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Multiplying and dividing whole numbers with 3 digits and more


multiplying whole numbers worksheet

Multiplying and dividing whole numbers worksheet for grade 6 students. Whole numbers activities.

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Whole numbers addition word problems with solutions worksheet


whole numbers worksheet on addition word problems

Learn how to solve whole numbers addition word problems. Adding whole numbers word problems worksheets

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Subtracting whole numbers word problems


whole number worksheet, word problem on whole numbers subtraction

Read and solve the following whole numbers subtraction worksheets. Pdf printable worksheets for grade 3-6.

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Multiplication of whole numbers worksheet


whole numbers multiplication word problems worksheet

Whole numbers multiplication worksheet with answers. Test students problem solving skills.

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Dividing whole numbers word problems


whole numbers division word problems worksheet

Whole numbers division word problem worksheet. Solve the problems using whole numbers division skill.

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Whole numbers and fractions operations


adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying whole numbers with fractions

add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions and whole numbers worksheet.

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Whole Numbers Worksheets Building a Strong Base for Further Education

The study of math and especially algebra is based on whole numbers and so, students in their early years should be introduced well to whole numbers. All the further education of not only math, but almost all subjects is more or less based on the knowledge of these numbers. Whole numbers are those countless numbers which start from zero and have no decimals or fractions. You can introduce whole numbers to children with rounding whole numbers worksheets. By working on these worksheets, children are well acquainted to the whole numbers. They also should be introduced to adding and subtracting whole numbers, and also, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, which too you can do with the whole numbers worksheets. The initial years of school will bring much for children to work on, for which the whole number worksheets will build a strong base.

Unlocking the secret code of Whole Numbers with Worksheets

Whole numbers are numbers from 0 onwards and they may be positive or negative. While the concept of numbers is already introduced to children and so, they find it easy to understand, the concept of negative numbers may be a bit challenging. Our whole numbers worksheets for kids from grade 1 through 6 are extremely useful. These whole numbers worksheets help children not only understand negative whole numbers but also operations on whole numbers like adding and subtracting whole number or multiplying and dividing whole numbers. They may find it difficult to understand in the beginning but worksheets make it easy for them and slowly they start finding it interesting to solve the problems containing whole numbers.