Multi-step Linear Inequalities with a variable game for kids

Multi-step Linear Inequalities with a variable game for kids. This game covers the area of inequalities in Algebra ii. Students will solve problems and select correct answers among a set of choices. There is instant feedback as students solve problems and make choices. This game is interactive, free and always online hence students can use it to review both at home and in the classroom. There is no limit to the numner of times a student can do this activity. This game is suitable for students in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. have fun online.

Snakes-and-Ladders Game Making Inequalities Problems Fun to Solve

Another game which not only children but even adults love is snakes and ladders. What if you can associate this fun game while you teach inequalities to your students? Won’t your students be intensely interested in the subject? Yes, they will. Watch them solving multi-steps linear inequalities with one variable games and enjoying the snakes and ladders game for every correct answer. Let them enjoy rolling the dice every time as a reward to the correct answer and encourage them to take interest in the topic of inequalities. Even you too can play with them to let them enjoy defeating you. This game will work great to make your students interested in linear inequalities problems.