Rounding whole numbers video tutorial for grade 4

Rounding whole numbers video tutorial for grade 4. Rounding numbers to the nearest ten, nearest hundred, nearest thousand and more. Some rules apply when rounding numbers to the nearest whole number. For example you could be asked to round up 15 to the nearest ten; the number is 20. On the other hand if you are asked to round up 14 to the nearest whole number, you get 10. This tells you that there are basic rules in rounding up numbers. For example, if number to the right is less than 5, the number on the left stays the same. If the number on the right is more than or equal to 5, the number on the right goes up. This video teaches students how to round up numbers to the different places. Extra practice can be got from the worksheets and games found on this website.

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Rounding Big Numbers to Perform Operations with Ease

When there are two or more numbers that are not round figures, and are to be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided, they can be made first into round figures and an approximate answer can be found. Later the number added to them to make them round figures can be subtracted from the answer. This is an easy method to make addition-subtraction or multiplication-division of big numbers easy. So, we have brought rounding whole numbers YouTube video tutorial for grade 4 students and rounding whole numbers video tutorial. We also have rounding whole numbers and decimals free YouTube video tutorial. To make it more interesting and for a lot of practice, you can give them our rounding whole numbers worksheets with answers. The most important thing is they can learn rounding whole number without a calculator with these methods.