Identify and name decimal number places video

Identify and name decimal number places video. This video introduces students to the nomenclature of decimals; hence after watching it students will be able to read any decimal number. The trick is for students to read the first section of the decimal number using the principles involved in naming any whole number. The section section found after the decimal point is read as individual digits. This video is a short and focused tutorial which will aid students to learn the theory very easily. There is more practice on this topic on the worksheets found on this website. You can also get instant online evaluation through our interactive online quizzes. This video can be used with students in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades.

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Names of Decimal Places – An Important Topic Explained

We have designed this naming decimal places video tutorial for beginners because while solving decimal related problems like their addition, subtraction, multiple and division or any other operation, children should first know what the various places in the decimals are called. Once children know about the names of these places, they find solving problems related to decimals very easy. Along with the video tutorial, we also provide a lot of other study material such as naming decimal places worksheet with answers, naming decimal places YouTube video for 4th grade students, naming decimal places chart and names of decimal places list. So, if your child/student is bored with or doesn’t understand a particular method, s/he can choose another.