Video on multiplying and dividing decimal numbers

Video on multiplying and dividing decimal numbers. The principles for multiplying decimals at the base is similar to that of multiplying whole numbers seen earlier. However, in some cases the value of the numbers after teh decimal point greatly influence the outcome, making this the point of interest in the multiplication of decimals. The same scenario applies to the division of decimals. This tutorial makes it easy for kids to grasp the concept of multiplying and dividing decimals. It is a short step by step video lesson which can be watched and paused intermittently for better understanding as per the level of each student. This tutorial can be used by teachers and parents of students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades.

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Making whole numbers multiplication and division Enjoyable with a Variety of Methods

Our multiplying and dividing decimal numbers video tutorial shows decimal multiplication and division practical activities. We also have multiplying and dividing decimals worksheets, multiplying and dividing decimals word problems and multiplying and dividing decimals games. All these will make your child well-versed in doing various operations on whole numbers and decimals because we believe that children are interested in the studies only when they are given a variety. If they are shown only a single type of method, they may be bored with the monotony. If you want your child to enjoy studies, our games, video tutorials, worksheets and word problems are perfect to make math enjoyable.