Counting by 1 up to 5 using candies math game for children

Counting by 1 up to 5 using candies math game for children. This incredible number games is suitable for children up to 5 years. It help parents and teachers introducing to kids how to count up to 5. This counting game as well as many other counting activities for toddlers are made available freely on this website.

Candies Game – Enticing Children to Play and Study

Candies are favorites of children. Taking this into account we have designed these counting up to 5 with interactive candies math game for children which they will love. Pictures of colorful candies will entice them to play this game and once they will start playing, they will become more and more interested because they can find answers easily. Here they have to identify numbers from 1 to 5 by counting all sorts of sweets. Learning numbers after 3 adds to the enjoyment of children of learning something new. So, these are fun counting games for kids in Pre-K, K and grade 1.