Dividing fractions by whole numbers game online

Dividing fractions by whole numbers game online - this is an interactive online game for kids to review skills related to dividing fractions. While doing so, students will play a football game. Once you solve a problem correctly, you have the chance to shoot a penalty. Each game of this nature contains a set of problems and multiple choice questions. While playing the game, stuudents learnnd eview their skills on the rules of division of fractions. This game can work well in the classroom and at home and can be used by teachers and parents who need to himeschool their kids.

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Making Fractions Increasingly Easier for Children with Math Games

If your child/student has played our fractions games, s/he must have become an expert in solving fraction problems. Now we have one more dividing fractions and whole numbers game for kids to make them more acquainted with fractions. With the dividing fractions games 6th grade their skill in solving fraction problems will be honed further. We have fraction division games for 5th grade too and also dividing fractions practice games for 5th and 6th grade. The ultimate goal behind designing all these fractions math games for kids is to make children confident about solving fraction problems. Once they get a practice of solving easy fraction problems, they will be given problems with a slightly higher level of difficulty, but they will find no problem in solving them because of the past practice.