GCF & LCM math game for students online

GCF & LCM math game for students online. In this game students are required to solve a problem entailing finding the lowest common multiple and in some cases the greatest common factor of two numbers. This skill is also applicable when solving addition and subtraction of fractions. This is an educational fun game with MCQ's to go with. Results are pooled and aggregated at the end of each game. Learn on the go and get extra practice with worksheets from the menu above under the given topic. Click start and begin revising.

Incorporating LCM-GCF with the All-time-favorite Snakes-and-ladders Game

Children are often confused between LCM and GCF. It’s necessary for them to understand the meaning of least common multiple and greatest common factor, for which, in turn, they should understand the difference between factor and multiple. We have associated the all-time-favorite snakes-and-ladders game with these two concepts to make the entire topic interesting and easy to understand. In our greatest common factor and least common multiple calculation game, upon finding the correct LCM or GCF, children get a chance to roll the dice and play the game. This makes them understand the seemingly difficult terms easy and fun. They can either solve the problem mentally or write them down and solve them. This gives them an intense practice of finding the answers to LCM-GCF questions and slowly they learn to find them mentally if they were not able to do that before.