Comparing and ordering whole numbers 4th grade fun boxing game

Comparing and ordering whole numbers 4th grade fun boxing game. This amazing boxing game will help kids revise their numbers comparison skills using terms like greater than, less than, smaller than while playing a fun box game with our cartoon Boxing Bob. The player be represented by the Hammer Boy and will give her/his name to the boy after inputing it in the field at the start. Then for each good answer will punch Boxing Bob or hit him. Boxing bob in opposit will give the player a kick for each wrong answer. in the end, the player will win if s/he manages to mark 80% or over points. the amazing part of it is that kids will be comparing whole numbers, ordering whole number while playing a fun math game suitable for 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and may even interest higher and lower grade students. Click on play and enjoy it.

Boxing Bob vs Hammer Boy numbers comparison and ordering game

Try this out and you will definitely be amazed. This ordering after comparing whole numbers game will definitely drag your kids attention with the nice design and the fun characters such as Boxing Bob and the little hammer Boy.